Publication from the Eco-index

EcoDiv Lab guest members, Dr Kiri Joy Wallace and Monique Hall, recently published an article for their research with the Biological Heritage Eco-index.

The open-access article, “Voicing stakeholder visions for biodiversity indicators: A framework using content analysis” discusses how to create a collective vision for what the native biodiversity would ideally look like in the future.

Existing biodiversity visions in Aotearoa New Zealand from the central and regional government, iwi, environmental organisations and sector representative bodies are vague and wordy and likely to have little impact.

Following the development of this paper, the Eco-index have created a 100-year biodiversity vision, due to be launched in June 2022. The vision will encapsulate the bare minimum of how we want Aotearoa New Zealand’s native biodiversity to look by 2121.

The next question you may think is, “how does Aoeatora New Zealand fulfil this 2121 biodiversity vision”?

The Eco-index is working on it!

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